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DIY No-Sew Pet Canopy with Fabric Fusion

Our furry family members need shady spaces just as much as we do! Before you head out for more fun in the sun, check out this tutorial from Oh Yay Studio to see how you can help your pet beat the summer heat with a no-sew canopy using Aleene’s Wood Glue and Fabric Fusion Tape. They’ll have it made in the shade in no time!

What you need:

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Tape

Aleene’s Wood Glue

- ½ yard of outdoor fabric or canvas (or more depending on size)

- 5/8” wooden dowels (4 or 5 depending on project size) + cutting tool

- Iron

- Pencil

- Sandpaper

- Tape measure

- Tape

Step 1

Wash and dry fabric

Before getting started on your pet’s favorite new outdoor accessory, wash and dry the fabric without fabric softener to remove the sizing.

Step 2

Cut dowels to needed measurements

Next it’s time to build the canopy frame! Cut the dowels to the measurements you need for the size of your pet canopy. Oh Yay Studio cut 5 (13”) pieces for the horizontal parts of the frame; 4 (11”) pieces for the vertical parts of the frame (that connect the horizontal pieces); and 4 (10”) pieces cut with an angle on both ends for pressing against each other to form the roof of the frame.

Step 3

Sand edges before gluing

Sand all edges and corners for a smooth surface, then get out your Wood Glue and start gluing the pieces together.

Step 4

Glue pieces together to form frame

Start by forming the frame for one side of the canopy, then repeat with the other side, gluing the connection points together. It helps to use tape to hold everything in place while the glue dries! Then connect both frames using the horizontal pieces. 

Step 5

Measure frame and cut fabric to match measurements

Measure the outside of your frame to determine the length of fabric you need for your canopy. First measure the length of one of the rooftop angled pieces, then the length of one of the vertical pieces, and multiply by 2 (for both sides of the structure). Then add an additional 10” (5” for each side) for wrapping the fabric around the base and securing. For the width of the fabric, simply measure the depth of your frame, and add a few inches for creating hems! Iron your fabric and cut it to match the total of your measurements.

Step 6

Fold sides over and run tape to create hems

Now we’re going to hem the fabric using Fabric Fusion Tape! Place your fabric “wrong” side up, and fold over each side along the length once, then again (about an inch) for clean edges. Tip: It helps to iron the folded fabric to hold in place for adding tape. Unfold the sides once (so you still have a clean, folded outer edge) and run a line of Fabric Tape along the length.

Step 7

Remove the top liner of tape

Once you’ve run tape along the length of the sides, remove the top liner.

Step 8

Fold fabric over and press in place

Fold the edge of the fabric back over and press in place on top of the Fabric Tape to secure.

Step 9

Repeat process on shorter sides

On the shorter sides, finger press the fabric over about an inch to create an indent for guiding the tape, then run a strip of Fabric Fusion Tape at that marking. Fold the fabric over once and press into the tape.

Step 10

Align the frame with the bottom of the fabric

Step 11

Secure hem around base of frame

Fold the hem over the top of the frame base and press in place on the Fabric Tape to secure. Do this on both sides to create your official pet canopy!

Step 12

No-Sew Pet Canopy with Fabric Fusion

Now your pet has a shady spot to enjoy while outdoors! Feeling inspired to create a canopy for your pet? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share your no-sew canopy creations with us!