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Geode Inspired Planter with Liquid Fusion

Geodes and crystals are a colorful way to infuse the beauty of nature into any space, but they can also be expensive! Delineate Your Dwelling will teach you how to use Liquid Fusion to create your own geode-inspired planter that looks like the real deal – for a fraction of the cost. Get ready to rock your décor with this creative project idea!

What you need:

Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive

- Plant pot

- Glass stones – green

- Frosted crystals

- Small beads – green

- Acrylic paint – green, white, metallic gold

- Paintbrush + pencil

Step 1

Geode planter supplies

Before getting started on your geode planter, wipe down the pot with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Let dry.

Step 2

Trace cluster of stones with a pencil

Next loosely place the glass stones in a cluster on the pot and lightly trace with a pencil to outline the rough shape.

Step 3

Paint shape with loose strokes of green paint

Paint the outline and fill it in with loose strokes of green acrylic paint. This will help create more of an opaque base for the glass stones. Delineate Your Dwelling also added a lighter shade of green around the darker green as a base for the smaller green beads.

Step 4

Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive

After the paint has dried, it’s time to get out the Liquid Fusion and get to gluing!

Step 5

Glue clusters of stones onto pot

Apply some Liquid Fusion to the underside of each glass stone and press in place over the painted section on your plant pot. Cluster the stones for a more realistic look, then glue smaller green beads around the perimeter of the cluster and within the crevices of the larger stones. Using stones of various sizes helps replicate the look of a geode.

Step 6

Dab white paint around cluster

Next dab white paint around the cluster to create the look of a cracked open geode.

Step 7

Dab gold paint around the white paint

Then dab gold paint around the perimeter of the white paint.

Step 8

Glue frosted crystals around the green stones

After the paint dries, finish your geode design by gluing frosted crystals around the cluster of green stones. Let everything dry completely.

Step 9

Add a plant to your geode pot

Rock your décor by adding a pretty plant to your new geode-inspired pot!

Step 10

Geode-Inspired Pot with Liquid Fusion

We love how this geode pot turned out, don’t you? After you craft up your own with Liquid Fusion, make sure to tag us @aleenesdiy and share it with us!