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Piña Colada Child and Dog Costumes

Kids’ Halloween costumes are already cute; add in a matching costume for your dog and it’s pretty much cuteness overload! This adorable set of coordinating piña colada costumes from Craft Box Girls has us ready to turn in the candy corn for a taste of the tropics this Halloween. Get out your Aleene’s Glues and get ready to toast to the sweetest no-sew costumes you can make for your kids (fur babies included) this year!

What you need:

Pineapple Costume

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Dual-Ended Pen

- Felt – yellow and green

- Pompom trim 

- Straight pins

- Hook & loop tape

- Headband

- Sequin trim

- Craft roll

- Green acrylic paint

- Paintbrush

- Scissors

- Pencil


Coconut Costume

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Aleene’s Premium Decoupage 

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Dual-Ended Pen

- Tin bucket (large enough to fit your dog or child if you are dressing up your child instead)

- Brown felt 

- Chenille stems

- Polyfil

- Faux moss

- Brown acrylic paint

- String

- Craft paper

- 1 Balloon

- Paintbrush

- Scissors

- Faux tropical flower

- Cardboard tube (wrapping paper roll works great)

- Construction paper

- Scissors

Step 1

Trace and cut out dress on yellow felt

For the pineapple costume, first double the yellow felt and trace a dress shape to fit your child onto the felt. Tip: Craft Box Girls used an existing dress for a quick and easy way to get the perfect size. Once you have the dress shape, cut out both layers.

Step 2

Pin and glue sides and straps

Pin the dress layers right sides together and use the Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Dual-Ended Pen to glue the sides and straps together, leaving the bottom, neck and arms unglued. Let dry completely.

Step 3

Cut down the center back of dress

Once the dress has dried, flip it right side out, then cut down the center of the back to create an opening for easily putting on the dress.

Step 4

Glue hook & loop tape to dress

Cut 4 strips of yellow felt, along with 4 strips of hook & loop tape the same length. This will be used to secure the dress in place while your child is wearing it. Glue each strip of hook & loop tape to a strip of yellow felt, then glue two of the strips onto one side of the back of the dress for base pieces, one near the top and one near the bottom.

Step 5

Glue top pieces in place

Glue the top pieces of felt with hook & loop tape to match with the base pieces, except gluing the end on the opposite side of the back of the dress. Let dry.

Step 6

Glue pompom trim onto dress

Glue pompom trim around the neckline and bottom of dress and let dry completely.

Step 7

Cut out leaf shapes and paint tube green

To create the pineapple leaves headband, cut a strip of green felt long enough to wrap around the headband, then glue in place around the headband. Cut out leaf shapes from the green felt as well, and paint the craft tube green with acrylic paint.

Step 8

Glue leaves to tube and glue onto headband

Glue the felt leaves layered around the tube like a pineapple stem, then glue some sequin trim or ribbon around the base to create a clean edge. Glue in place on top of the felt-wrapped headband. Let everything dry completely.

Step 9

Glue chenille stems to bucket

For the coconut pet costume, cut enough brown felt to fit around the bucket. Use Original Tacky Glue to glue chenille stems – each in an arc shape – around the bucket to round out the circumference of the bucket with dimension.

Step 10

Stuff Polyfil between loops

Stuff Polyfil between the chenille stem loops to fill in.

Step 11

Glue felt around the bucket

Use Tacky Glue to glue the brown felt up and around the edges of the bucket. Use clips to help hold in place while the glue dries.

Step 12

Start gluing brown painted moss in place

Paint the faux moss with brown acrylic paint and let dry. Use the sponge side of the Fabric Fusion Dual-Ended Pen to dab glue onto the outside of the felt-wrapped bucket, and start pressing the brown moss into the glue.

Step 13

Finish gluing brown moss around bucket

Repeat this until the entire outside of the bucket is covered with the brown moss. This will create the coconut texture.

Step 14

Glue craft paper strips to balloon

To create the “coconut hat,” first blow up a balloon about the size of your dog’s head. Tear strips of craft paper (enough to cover the balloon) and use the Decoupage to glue the strips around the balloon, covering it entirely. Let it dry completely.

Step 15

Deflate balloon and trim edges

Once your strips of paper have dried, cut a hole in the balloon to deflate it, then gently pull the remains of the balloon away from the paper. Trim around the base to create a clean edge for the hat.

Step 16

Glue moss and flower to hat

Glue strands of string to the inside of each side of the hat for tying around your pup’s head, then glue more brown painted moss on the outside of the hat. Glue a tropical flower on top to complete!

Step 17

Glue strips of paper around tube

For the straw, first cut the tube to the size of your “straw.” Cut strips of green and white paper (enough to fit around paper tube), then use Tacky Glue to glue in a winding spiral shape from top to bottom of tube. Let dry completely.

Step 18

Aleene’s Piña Colada Kid and Pet Costumes

Are you ready for an ACTUAL piña colada yet? All of this fabulous costume DIYing has us ready to treat ourselves this Halloween.

Step 19

No-Sew Kid and Dog Halloween Costumes

Seriously, how sweet is this child and dog costume combo? What no-sew costumes are you making this year with Aleene’s? Tag us on social using #aleenesdiy and let us know!