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Create Projects with Aleene’s Glues

Woodland Christmas Décor

Welcome your family gnome for the holidays when you make this woodland-inspired décor with Craft Box Girls! Bring your own winter wonderland indoors with Aleene's Glitter Snow and The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive. Holiday decor like this will keep you on the "Nice" list for years to come! This delightful display looks great on any mantle or as a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner!

What you need:

  •        Aleene’s Glitter Snow
  •        Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive
  •        Wood slices, various sizes
  •        Paint brushes and/or craft sticks
  •        Felt (red, white, gray)
  •        Pompom (pink)
  •        Faux Christmas tree branches
  •        Pipe cleaners
  •        Bottle brush trees
  •        Scissors

Step 1

Glue felt onto wood slice to create your gnome’s body

Measure and cut felt to wrap around your medium-sized wood slice. Secure the felt with a line of Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive to create your gnome’s body.

Step 2

Glue on Christmas tree branches to create a beard

Create your gnome’s beard by gluing on faux Christmas tree branches. Hold the branches in place for a minute to make sure they adhere properly, then allow to dry completely. 

Step 3

Apply Aleene’s Glitter Snow onto base

While your gnome’s beard is drying, use your largest wood slice as a base for your display. Apply Aleene’s Glitter Snow to cover the base using craft sticks, and create texture as desired with various paint brushes. 

Step 4

Add accessories to base and decorate with more Glitter Snow

While the Glitter Snow is still wet, place your smallest wood slice and a few bottle brush trees onto the base so that they can adhere to the snow. Decorate these accessories with extra Glitter Snow as desired. 

Step 5

Glue pompom onto gnome as a nose

While the Glitter Snow is drying, finish creating your gnome! Cut a pink pompom in half and glue it to your gnome to create a nose. 

Step 6

Glue arms onto each side of your gnome’s body

Cut your gray, red, and white felt to create arms and a hat for your gnome. Glue a pipe cleaner onto the backside of each arm so that the arms can stand out straight, then glue the arms to each side of your gnome.

Step 7

Secure gnome’s hat with glue

Place the hat on top of the gnome’s head and secure with glue. You can also fill the hat with polyfill stuffing or paper towels to prevent the hat from flopping over.

Step 8

Place gnome and extra acessories onto base

Place your completed gnome onto the Glitter Snow base and add extra accessories to customize your display! Then, let the project dry— the Glitter Snow can take up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Step 9

Display your woodland décor!

Your woodsy winter wonderland is complete! Create a larger display with additional bottle brush trees and wood, or display it on its own as a cute centerpiece.  

Aleene’s Glitter Snow is perfect for all of your Christmas creations! Show us your holiday crafts on social @AleenesDIY